მწარმოებელი: Nordson
კოდი: 7411
P/N: Bio-ML10B
ზოგადი ინფორმაცია

ML10 is DIY design,which can replace knob
lock easily and quickly. You even can do it
by yourself.
1.Zinc Alloy Metal Casing
2.User Capacity:Admin -10,Normal User -
60 ,Temporary User - 20
Door Thickness: 30-60 mm
3.Backset: 60 or 70 mm(adjustable)
4.Power Supply:4 x AA Alkaline Battery
5.Backup Unlock:Mechanical Key & 9V
6.Color Option: Silver/Champaign gold
Front - 69(W)×155(L)×35(D) mm
Back - 69(W)×155(L)×25(D) mm
Access Timetable: Can set access
time,Communication: Blue-tooth connection
with iPhone
APP: ZKBioBT - 64